HIRTA - Mini

HIRTA - Mini


Hirta mini allows you to grow 8 herbs, flowers and small veggies in a simplified hydroponic system. Size of the product: 14”x14”x37,5” ou 35,5cm x 35,5cm x 95,25cm

The light

LED light 13 inches long, specialized to growth edible plants: leaves, flowers and small vegetables and fruits. This light is also phytosanytary so it protects the plants against diseases and is also designed to grow the plants as quickly as possible using infra-red that allow the Emerson effect. This light has been specially developed for Hirta by adsol company from Montreal. The light is also 3 years warranty, contains 83 LEDs for a total of 24 Watt and is UL certified.

The structure 

made by aluminium bars and little screws which allows you to assemble the product in really short time. You can choose between 3 aluminium colours: matt white, satin green and matt black. 


Made of Baltic birch wood with white oak plating for its excellent resistance to water, they are protected by a matt varnish to allow you to enjoy them for a long time.


made from ceramic that perfectly fit with plant needs in a hydroponic culture. They are hand made in Montreal and they are dishwasher safe! 

Also, the product comes with a starter kit : 8 reusable plastic mini cups, 8 compostable pots, assembly instructions, your choice of seeds kit and nutrients for plants to be happy.

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Any order placed after November 25 will be delivered in January 2019. This delay is caused by a large amount of order. Do not hesitate to contact us by email for questions.