HIRTA - Counter

HIRTA - Counter


The ceramic container and lid are allowing you to grow 8 plants of herbs and / or flowers and / or small vegetables in a simplified hydroponic system. You can also grow micro shoots on a hemp rug.

Handmade in Montreal and adapted to the needs of hydroponic plants, our ceramic containers are easy to clean and dishwasher safe!

13 "LED Grow Light with Aluminum ShadeThe wavelengths of this light allow the plant to go from leaf to flower and then to vegetable or fruit while still being pleasing to the eye and very economical.

Our luminaires have a lifespan of 50,000 hours (which equates to 9 years of use up to 14 hours a day) not to mention that our technology also contributes to the protection of the environment because it is recyclable and does not contain mercury like fluorescent tubes.

The final spectrum gives a mix of different colors with the right percentage of each to optimize the photosynthesis curves. The relative amount of each of the colors is distributed to ensure the production of chlorophyll A, chlorophyll B and carotenoids. Then, infrared and red cause the Emerson effect, which will increase growth by more than 50% during the vegetative phase as well as strengthen the plant tissues. The work between the infrared and our wavelengths in purple and blue creates a very effective synergy. The foliage of the plants is thicker and green.

120 LEDs, 24 Watts, 3 year warranty, UL certified

In addition, the product comes with a starter kit: 8 reusable mini plastic cups, 8 compostable jars, the seed kit of your choice and its instruction booklet and all the nutrients needed to make the plants happy.

Product size: 11”x11”x2,375” ou 28cm x 28cm x 6cm

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