Îlot, an island of greenery.

Îlot, is a French word describing an element of particular character isolated within a larger and different nature. What’s more, it’s a space arranged with vegetation. 

Thus, our team of plant-loving, eco-responsible designers, engineers and nutritionists aim to furnish your home with beautiful islands of greenery that will flourish in your space and nourish you with food. Designed to harmonize with your decor, while making it possible to grow better herbs, flowers, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and algae inside your home.


HIRTA, our first Îlot of inspiration

Our first product, is named after a small, green and pleasant island in the St Kilda archipelago, found on the western edge of Scotland. 


What’s nice about our products

- Eat only pesticide and GMO-free greens

- Feed them with bio nutrients

- Enjoy fresher food with zero food miles

- Grow rare and exotic greens for cooking

- Growing plants is a zen activity

- Learning new things is stimulating ☺

- Less packaging and food waste is rewarding


Our collection will continue to grow,

Soon we will have products for those who wish to cultivate everything from herbs, micro-greens, edible flowers and small vegetables to tall fruit trees, oyster mushrooms and algae. Growing edible plants can require different conditions - in terms of light, nutrients and environment - so we will offer you models that will meet your needs and theirs.


Jess the founder

Whilst studying and working professionally as a graphic designer, Jess maintained and appetite for all things design, for all things living and for all things cooking related. During this time and the experiences it brought, one idea persisted to germinate, that of designing quality objects that would inspire people to grow a variety of edible plants at home.

From this, îlot was born. A project - and a career change - driven by the founder’s values, such as respect for the planet, for people’s work and for the importance of durable and sustainable design.


A huge thanks to our talented collaborators


We are very lucky to work with many very talented Canadian artisans and
designers; T3L innovationallstudio, AdSol, Garnotte de luxe, Katya Konioukhova, Noémie Caplette, Thierry Laberge, Atelier Formetal, Stéphanie AubinCréation ab3d, Simon L'Archevêque et Guy Simoneau.