Is stagnant water a problem?

No ☺ The product is designed to keep the water crystal clear and good for plants. When the light does not reach the water, the algae can not form. 



Why a hydroponic system?

Do you always lose your basil? Never again with Hirta! It is a challenge to grow indoors in nordic countries 365 days a year. Hydroponics is one of the techniques that saves water. Yes yes, hydroponics versus soil allows a water saving up to 80%! This technique combined with an artificial light from 14h to 18h per day and specific nutrients will make you a real green thumb.


Are nutrients bad for the environment?

Nop. Nutrients 1 and 2 are mineral nutrients that act much like vitamins for "humans", but designed for plants! Our nutrients are made in Canada too.

Do I need a sunny space?

No, since the light needed by the plants is provided in the kit. We have designed an economical and perfectly balanced LED light that provides all the wavelengths that leaves, small vegetables and fruits need.

Can I have your product at home if I have animals and/or children?

Absolutely. Nutrients are not toxic and very difficult to reach. In addition our containers are made of ceramic and therefore too heavy for a cat or a small child to fall. As for plants it's the same principle as your green indoor plants, they should not grow anything poisonous. You can even make your cat happy with some catnip ☺

Can plants rot?

No. To be healthy, plants need nutrients, water and oxygen. There are many ways to give them what they need. We chose the Kratky hydroponics method to simplify our product and its use. This method works like this:

Can I use any kind of seeds, nutrients and substrate?

Yes, since the hydroponic system of Hirta is simplified: without pipes and without pump. You can therefore use algae, synthetic nutrients, coconut fiber substrates, sponges, wool ... in short we encourage you to do your experiments! However, we tested the effectiveness of each product on our website so, if you want it simple, use îlot products. You can use the seeds you want *, endless possibilities! Again, the seeds available on our website have proven their high efficiency in our system. Use bio seeds if you want to eat totally biological greens, it makes a difference!
*Unfortunately, root vegetables (potato, onion, garlic, carrot ...) can not grow in hydroponics.

How long can I go on vacation without watering?

You can leave approximately 3 weeks * if you fill the ceramic containers to their full capacity. Plants roots will miss some oxygen which will slow down their growth, but they will survive!
* Time depends on the humidity level of your house and the size of the plants.

Why a ceramic container?

First, it's so beautiful! In addition, ceramics containers are much heavier so harder to drop by a child or an animal. Thirdly, it makes more sense to grow food in ceramic than plastic because this material is better for your health, for plants and for the environment.

I have other questions for you, where can I write to you?

We will be pleased to read and answer any other questions or comments. Write us at this email address and we will answer as soon as possible!